The Call to Effective Action 


Accelerate, incubated and launched at America Achieves and supported by a coalition of partners and funders, is issuing this Call to Effective Action (CEA) to support educators, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and education organizations. Accelerate will support these groups in their efforts to design and implement evidence-based, scalable models of high impact tutoring, and other interventions to support individualized learning, focused in particular on students historically excluded from receiving such services. Awardees will be a source of impact for hundreds of thousands of students, evidence to support scalable solutions, and inspiration for many others interested in a more equitable education system and better outcomes for students. 

Key Actors:  Accelerate has issued a Call to Effective Action for school districts, non-profit charter management organizations, state education agencies, tutoring providers, intermediary organizations, and other sector enablers—working alone or in partnership with one another—to participate in this initiative.  

Opportunity: Selected participants will join a cutting-edge community of national innovation, research, implementation, development, and collective learning, and will serve as a source of impact for tens of thousands of students, of knowledge to support scalable solutions, and of inspiration for many others interested in a more equitable education system. Grant funding, technical assistance, and other benefits are available for those selected.

Timeline: The priority deadline to submit the Letter of Intent was April 21, 2022. This deadline was particularly relevant for partnerships aiming to provide, grow, or improve tutoring from the beginning of the upcoming academic year (2022-2023). 

The rolling deadline for submissions was August 1, 2022. Accelerate is open to considering any partnerships that would fill gaps in our research portfolio. If your partnership serves a unique student population and includes a strong learning agenda, you are welcome to submit your Letter of Intent past the August 1st deadline.


Thank you!

Kevin Huffman, CEO, Accelerate

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